Please see my interactive resume: and skills:

Web Dev / Full Stack LAMP, MERN, MEVN, ES6

Vue/Node img/audio/vid drag/drop upload:
(Medium)Deploying SnapperStore with Digital Ocean

Client Side:
* ES6, Vue.js, React, Redux, MobX
* jQuery/jQuery UI + plugins such as Coverflow, Fancybox, Highcharts, jQuery Tokeninput, TableSorter, FullCalendar, mousewheel, etc.
* Google Analytics, Google Maps
* Twitter OAuth / API
* Check out my resume for use of Ajax, HTML5, and CSS3
* adept with Chrome/Firefox Dev Tools, npm, webpack, Codekit, JSON
* some WebGL via the three.js library

Server Side:
* LAMP, and Node.js + Express + Mongoose + MongoDB
* Many years with Unix/Linux/Mac - How many? BSD 4.1 Many.
* PHP is a main language - some familiarity with CakePHP
* FaceBook OpenGraph (from PHP)
* Adept with MySQL, Apache configuration, etc - Prefer MAMP

Areas I dont know yet, but where I am capable of diving into an learning:

* Python + Django
* Laravel
* any of the many *.js libs
* Firebase, Heroku, Docker
* WordPress API/Plugin/Theming
* iOS toolkits/sdk/Swift
* WebGL UI, via HTML / Three.js etc.
* Unity or Unreal engines
* Blockchain

[I live in the Indianapolis Area, but am willing to relocate / work remote / occasional travel]