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Resume of Daniel L. Smith
SF Bay & Indianapolis IN, USA
DanielSmith2017 at protonmail.com

I am a Full Stack developer with many years of experience. Well versed in LAMP and MERN/MEVN (Full Stack). My wide ranging background gives me the breadth to see how all of the pieces of large software projects fit together. I enjoy the interaction with the other roles (QA, Designers, DevOps, Producers) in projects large or small.

Desire Full or Part Time contract/position. US Citizen with Passport. Am willing to travel and am open to relocation.

Energetic! Some key companies and projects I have been involved with are: Trim CRM, Stitcher.com, Webtrends, Friendster, AOL.Com (AOL), AutoCAD R12/R13 (Autodesk ), Island Write/Paint/Draw (Island Graphics). I also write (O'Reilly website).

Skills / Current
  • Apache - configuration, many years of experience - use of many modules such as mod_rewrite, virtual hosts, etc. Prefer to use MAMP for local dev environment.
  • HTML5, CSS3 - have done lots of hand coding, lots of dynamic generation from several languages (PHP, JavaScript, Perl, Tcl). Excited about flexbox and grid.
  • JavaScript/ES6 - Have used this extensively off and on since it was first introduced. Adept with ES6, jQuery (and many plugins), React/JSX/Redux/MobX, Vue.js, Node.js/Express. Also interested in JS in the 3D space (WebGL), via three.js. C3.js charting.
  • Tools - Webpack / Parcel / npm / git / etc.
  • PHP - Preferred language for OO web development. Have used GD graphics lib. Familiar with CakePHP. Interested in Laravel.
  • MongoDB - Prefer for NoSQL projects. I like the technique of query population.
  • MySQL / SQL - Experience in a wide variety of contexts. Also am personally using to develop my own photo database (called from Apache via PHP).
  • Unix/Linux/Mac Environments: bash, sh, tcsh, sed, awk, etc. - 25 year Unix user & programmer. Contributed an article on advanced Csh usage (including my grabchars package) to the book "Unix Power Tools".
  • XML and JSON - Writing / consuming in a variety of contexts. I prefer working with JSON, but am adept with both.
  • OLDER - I do not mention many languages and bits of tech here, but am happy to talk about the usual suspects (some Compiled Languages in the list)
  • See Also - Skills on Coggle
  • Other - I have done technical review for books published by Prentice Hall (Pearson Education): The XML Schema Companion, XSLT 2.0 Web Development, and Spring Into HTML and CSS. Also technical review for O’Reilly: Programming 3D Applications with HTML5 and WebGL.
Quick Mount PV

Quick Mount PV – March – August 2018
Issue tracking and written evaluation of QDesign app effort (Solar Panel roof layout projects). Acted as liason between product manager and development team in Ukraine. Also started development of a Parts Config Editor SPA (Vue.js + Node.js) to produce JSON file descriptions of panels, mounts, etc. (to get away from hardwired dependencies in code) (Contract)


Upwork - October 2017 -

  • Image Scrapbook – upload audio / video / photos to file store (Vue.js + Node.js)
  • (NDA / Stealth Project) – wrote prototype to measure user sentiment while watching videos of talks. Positive & Negative feedback was gathered per second while viewing. Resulting data used to show bar charts of mood for all viewers. (Vue.js + c3.js + Node.js + MongoDB)

Route 66 Digital

Route 66 Digital - October 2016 - February 2017
Full stack developer (MERN & MEVN) for Content Management Framework, and interactive web app for use in a trade show.

Stack includes: Node.js, Express.js, Mongo, React, MobX, Vue.js, vue-stash .js, jQuery, Velocity.js, socket.io, and much more.

Content Management Framework, used to organize site data and layout for trade show interactive displays (such as a multichannel explainer for a car, drone, or other tech product). Produces a detailed JSON output and static assets which are used to drive an external client app. Done as a MERN stack.

Client side interactive app driven from JSON output and static assets from CMF. Hybrid approach of an overall Vue.js scaffolding, with internal jQuery interactive modules (lots of eventbus usage, and data organization via vue-stash). Uses Velocity to drive animations, and makes extensive use of flexbox and css transforms.

Trim CRM

Trim CRM - December 2014 - June 2016
Full stack developer for a site aimed at business relationships. Transforming the client prototype into something polished and production ready.

Stack includes: OOP PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, jQuery UI, HighCharts, TableSorter, FullCalendar, Coverflow

Have extensively transformed code organization, and introduced SASS to make stylesheets more manageable. We support browsers that use Flexbox, which conveniently eliminates older, more insecure versions.

In addition to the programming aspect, I've done much to help educate the client as to the software/web development process. This includes:

  • Transitioning client from DreamWeaver/GoDaddy/FTP to local/github/RackSpace (basic dev, staging, production)
  • Use of Balsamiq to help articulate UX
  • Use of ScreenFlow to walk through dev concepts
  • Slack for documentation trail, everyday communication, etc.
  • Github for source code control (and some issue tracking, client switched to Scrum.Do)
  • Local development environment via MAMP, CodeKit, Sequel Pro, and Sublime
  • Articulating need for test plan, including test data, and means of automating / repeating input (such as PostMan)

Stitcher, Inc. - San Francisco, CA - December 2013 - October 2014
Full stack developer for the podcast service: Stitcher.com and Partners.Stitcher.com. Sample projects: memcache + frontside client caching of key Top 10 list page items, converting episode search results to a display which facilitated creating Top 10 lists, and numerous Partner Portal enhancements to make it easier for show owners to edit their information. Also did extensive work with Facebook and Twitter APIs to determine the social networking reach (likes and followers) of new partners, in order to determine how to handle incoming show hosting applications. Lots of OOP PHP, jQuery + plugins + JavaScript, CSS3 w/media queries, and use of external APIs (Facebook, Twitter, and Google).

Webtrends Social

WebTrends Social - San Francisco, CA - April - September 2012
Implemented "Promote A Post" (placing targeted ads to lead to Facebook Fan/Business Page posts). This work spanned OOP JavaScript, jQuery + Plugins, PHP, and the Facebook OpenGraph API. Some of the features include: dynamic ad campaign creation, scheduling, and editing, autocomplete of targeted fields, dynamic audience reach measurements, and previous ad editing. Also fixed many bugs, and enhanced the moderation filters (extensive RegExp work).

Freelance Web Developer

December 2004 - Present
I have focused on contracting and enjoying the breadth of widely different projects over the last few years. The long form of my resume goes into more detail about some of these older projects.

  • MaestroMarket.com - San Francisco, CA
  • for Res3D.com - San Francisco, CA
  • JigoCity - Los Angeles, CA
  • Aquent / Institute Of Reading Development - Novato, CA
  • TekSystems / Wells Fargo - San Francisco, CA
  • Vivaty - Menlo Park, CA
  • Intercast Media - San Francisco, CA
  • WildFireWeb - Petaluma, CA
  • LimeLife - Menlo Park, CA
  • Linden Lab - San Francisco, CA
  • Friendster - San Francisco, CA
  • Metaliq - San Francisco, CA
  • America Online - White Plains, NY
America Online
(1995-1998, Full Time)

San Francisco & San Mateo, CA - May 1995 - June 1998
Senior Web Engineer
Lots of work on AOL.Com, including user customization for the MyNews component. (AOLServer/Tcl)

In-house development of a tabbed Java Sports Scoreboard (Arena1)

Earlier projects (such as an early version of www.SEMI.org) involved a lot of CGI scripting (launching searches and formatting output, registration, ordering, and statistics gathering), and parsing of SGML data (mostly in Perl).