Let’s Start Volume 2

Hello There…

From 2003-2010, I wrote a blog: Cafe Bucky. It’s been quite a while since I’ve blogged, and I look back at the previous stuff and think “ok, that’s Volume 1, it’s time for a little reset”. 1

Wait, it’s 2012, a blog?

When I started blogging in 2003, it could be said I was a little ahead of the curve. Blogging supposedly peaked a couple of years ago.  I would maintain that people are still pretty active in posting their thoughts, but are increasingly splintered about it.  I look back fondly at Usenet 2, because it was the last time the internet community was pretty much in one place.

I’m splintered as well, being spread out over Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.. oh, and Pinterest, and…. heck, where did all of these accounts come from?

So my idea of a blog is to have a spot to corral everything else, and to be comfy when I have more than 140 characters to say (and not so off the cuff as Facebook or G+).

OMG, sounds like I want a blog when I’m being thoughtful!  Ha! —   Nah, that’s too hoity toity.  That ain’t me, babe.   I just need a place where I can crack my writing knuckles 3

And just to make sure I dont get all self-important, it’s “BuckyBits”.  Yeah, I could have had “From the Desk of HRH Daniel Smith” and so on, but really now… good to stay grounded.

Do I care about any stigma for having a longform place to write, and not being content to fit into little thought-buckets for consumption by the hyper flitting net.masses getting a little fluffy social fix as they wait in line at Starbucks? Um, no, I dont give the f*** of a thousand flying squirrels!  (yeah, I’m not sure what that looks like either.)

A Basic Contradiction About Me Is…

So, on one hand, I am not like the younger generations that seem to only post in little blips, nor am I akin to a scholarly & wizened academic, who would write the simplest points in endless serpentine sentences… I can be fond of going deeper (i..e. more than a paragraph).

…but I also embrace many of the short forms (Tumblr, FB, Twitter, etc.), and have a very good grasp on Social Media & Networking 4.

The contradiction really isn’t one.  I’m just into “context”.  Sometimes it’s little thoughts in Twitter, and other times I want to write a novel.  Sometimes I want to switch off the fast pace of modern life and go take care of a lighthouse in Ireland, and other times I want to move back to NYC and live and breathe in the startup world.

Smashes a champagne bottle over the SS Volume 2!


  1. … or it could be that I am embarrassed about not posting for a year 😉
  2. hmm, how do I explain Usenet to the kids… a worldwide internet and uucp-based bbs dating back to 80’s, split up into 1000’s of very topic-specific newsgroups.  A huge percentage of Usenetters could actually write more than a paragraph at a time
  3. you know, it’s Sophia that’s “good” at cracking her knuckles.  Odd kid!
  4. …which just comes from following Tech and the Internet for 30+ years, and always finding something new to love about it…
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