Digital Sanity, Part 1: On Leaving Facebook…

TL;DR – There are too many tradeoffs for me to keep using Facebook as a personal account, so I am going to close it.  I’d rather focus on using Twitter and other services.

A little history: I’ve been on the Internet and its predecessors for over 30 years, and have had the pleasure of working on the AOL.Com and Friendster teams.  I received my first email in 1981, and I recall using my Atari 400 to dial up to a BBS before that.  I have a wee bit of insight as to how things were, and how they got to be now…

I’ve been frowning more and more lately, when I think of online privacy and security.  We all have a comfort zone of which tradeoffs we’re willing to make to be online.  There are great things there:  Friends!  Retail!  Media!  If we’re willing to give up much of our privacy and security, and be tracked relentlessly by third parties of third parties, then sure, the Internet is a digital wonderland.

But at some point, it’s good to look up, say “time out!”, take a deep breath, and think about “how did I get here?  Why am I letting Facebook and others track so much of my life?  Do I really trust these people to do the right thing with my data?”

I’ve been thinking of leaving Facebook for a long time.  The thing that would make me stay is “well, I have friends there….”  However, I have many of those same friends over on Twitter.   There hasn’t been any one tipping point, but I would say the NYTimes Article: Let Me Pay For Facebook helped cement my decision.

I will close my main personal Facebook account soon.  I simply dont trust Facebook to do the right thing.  They continually mess with their privacy settings, and they don’t respect my choices (i.e. the newsfeed reading order).  I don’t want data about me being sold to third parties, which will in turn make its way to third parties of third parties.  That turns into ad targeting, text messages, spam emails, etc.  Does Facebook do much to give me a warm and fuzzy feeling about my data?  Nope.

Tim Cook recently gave a speech about Privacy and Security, and made reference to companies such as Facebook and Google:

“They’re gobbling up everything they can learn about you and trying to monetize it. We think that’s wrong. And it’s not the kind of company that Apple wants to be”  — Tim Cook

Not that I trust iCloud much either, but that’s another topic.  Of the social media services I use, I perceive Facebook as the least trustworthy, so ixnay to the facenay!

I will write more about this whole idea of “Digital Sanity” in the coming weeks.  It’s not as if I’ve traipsed off to conspiracy theory land.  It’s more of a feeling of “what have I given up in the last 20 years, do I feel comfy with that, and what do I get in return?”


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Happy New Year!  Ohhhh… a resolution post.



Real Quick Recap

I suppose I could feel embarrassed about not doing more of my 2014 resolutions.  I did a few things well: took the ferry once a week, kept creating virtual photography, learned a lot of programming stuff, kept refining what I want to do in WebGL (and how my idea for ThereThen addresses fits into it) and kept up with my guitar.  There were some big things (move to a bigger space I can use as a studio, and travel) I didn’t do.  Moment of shame.

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I’m Back / Year End

Almost bye to 2014!

Some quick stuff…

I look back at my resolutions, and I did some of them.  I kinda feel sheepish that I didn’t do others (I didn’t move, and I didn’t keep up with my blog or other creative posts, and I didn’t do the social stuff I wanted)

It was a decent year, work-wise. was great, up till about October.  The company was sold, and the contractors were forever told “wait for the dust to settle”.  It turned out to be a lot of dust, and I am doing something different now.

The whole idea of being tracked all over the web (Facebook, Google) has really been turning me off.  I have not decided what I will do about Facebook, but I have switched my search engine to

I do finally have an idea of what I want to work towards, and it’s a bit of of Creative Technologist.  I want to orient my programming / dev stuff more towards WebGL, and I also want to become very conversant with more of the digital creative folks (PhotoShop, Maya/Blender, Premiere, Ableton).  It doesn’t mean I can be an expert at them, but it I do want to be able to explore creatively, and be able to have the high level sense of how it all fits together.

More to say soon – shaking off my writing rust.

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Goal: A Cross Country Drive


In my 2014 Resolutions Post, I said:

And, of course, I have my social/creative trip idea: I would love to drive cross country, and meet up with a different friend for dinner each night. It would take me to all sorts of spots off the beaten path, and would be a cool touchstone each day — to meet folks I’ve only known online, and to visit with some people I haven’t seen in a while. I’d love it!

… and I am serious about that. I really want to drive cross country, meet friends, take a lot of pictures, and experience some sides of America that would be missed by merely sticking to the Interstate for 3500 miles…

Why And What?

Travel brings perspective. Getting in a car and driving it is more connected than flying. Getting off the main roads and seeing one of a kind places is even better. My hunch is that touching base with a lot of people along the way is better still. I sure know many online, and I imagine it would take me into the Real America; not just the sanitized freeway version of it.

I’ve seen enough Big Box stores and McDonalds to last a lifetime. This trip ain’t about that.

I want to take a lot of pictures, write a bit, and perhaps solve some common tech problems for people along the way (“my computer is acting funny…”). And I want to build on some friendships, meet new people, and get all kinds of crazy perspectives.

A unifying theme would be: how does the Online Life of people I know compare to the one in the world of the Real? We all have our online personas and expression.. Facebook, Reddit, Second LIfe, etc. Heck, I am on Ferry to San Francisco as I write this, and there’s 200 people delving into their online selves. I am no Social Anthropologist, but obviously this is quite different than 10 or 20 years ago. How is it different, outside the Tech Bubble of the SF Bay Area?

One could say that with so much Mobile in the last 5 years, that the lines of Virtual and Real are increasingly blurred. Yeah, of course there is some escape into a phone or tablet, but there is plenty that is unique to where you live (I hope so!). That’s what I find interesting, and that’s what I want to see and capture in photos.

Will anyone care as to what I snap and write? I don’t know, and actually that does not influence my desire to do it. Well, if you want to fund this I suppose I care a bit… I have a good history of doing Virtual Photography, and average over 500 views a day with that. I do that for myself, but other people seem to like it. I think that passion starts with wanting to do something because it makes one happy. If it’s done well, then other people take notice. I don’t think it works the other way around (“oh!? others like this? Gee, I think I will develop a passion for it!”)

So I am serious about wanting to do this trip. I had a glimpse of the possibilities when driving cross country in 2005. I’ll do it as part of my own journey, and any audience for it is a cool bonus.

  • money – hey, how am I going to pay for this? I don’t know yet. Yes I am aware of obligations, and no, I cant expect the trip to pay for itself. Can I do it semi-cheaply? Sure… gas and where to stay (motels, not so much B&B’s) will be the biggest costs. Can I work along the way? Yep, but I would not do that to the point where I am merely driving and sleeping. What would be the point?
  • car – omg I don’t have a car! I’ll figure it out.
  • the cat – what to do with Dylan… I dont think I want to schlep him around in a car for 2-3 weeks straight. I’ll figure it out.
  • film – ha ha – just seeing if you are paying attention. I suppose I could pretend I would be racking up $20 a day of 1990’s film and processing charges. A few days of that pays for a lot of memory.. problem solved.
  • route – this is an interesting one.. I have a basic idea of who I will visit (and they know.. there will be no surprises like that ) I expect the route will be somewhere between the most direct and efficient, and crazy zig-zag. I would love to keep this under 3 weeks. My naive idea is to make a large circuit, coast to coast, up and around and back…
  • when – well, I cant do this until I get the other problems sorted, and I do need a bit of coordinating time with friends. It wont be till late Spring, at the earliest.


I know some folks who have done the cross country drive solo.. my own father did it a few times before I was born. Let me know of any tips!

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Ahoy, It’s 2014

One of my resolutions has been.. to post my resolutions…

2013 was a tough year, and I am glad for the fresh start (and new job). I could dwell on why last year sucked so much (being out of work, hurt badly by someone, having to move when the place I was living in went up for sale…), but, new years are for new beginnings.

And of course, January 1 is an arbitrary day. We can start afresh at any time.

I used to have the attitude of “I’ll make resolutions as I think of them”. It’s a good goal, but something about the Occasion of a New Year gives things more.. hmm.. weight?

And of course, posting some resolutions gives me more incentive to follow through. Any of you could hit me up and say “Are you bench pressing 700 pounds yet”, and I’ll say “whoa there cowboy! You have me confused with someone else”. But yeah, you can ask me about anything I post here. Keep me focused.


I’ve been soooo bad at keeping up with friendships.  I am better at it online, and can say I’m close to people all over the world. But… it’s not balanced, and I need to reconnect with some old friends locally. Waves at them.. hey you!

  • host a dinner once a month
  • get out at least once every two weeks to go do something with friends

Hosting implies I am going to move to some place where I can do that, and that’s another goal I will get to…


Blog – I will post once a week.

Music – You know, I’ve been playing guitar for 30 years, and I sound like I have been playing for one! Ok, not really, perhaps two… I’ll start recording and posting to Soundcloud, or if I am feeling photogenic, perhaps Youtube. I miss my Strat (which I gave to my daughter, what was I thinking?), and my old Fender acoustic cutaway with a pickup. Sheesh, and I miss my old mixer and digital piano..  The first goal is just to get something recorded once a month.

Photography – Most of the photography I do is Virtual. It’s a creative joy to do with friends in SL, and I’m pretty good at it. But… I also get out and about, especially in San Francisco, and will start posting some.  I am wayyyy overdue for a new phone (yes, I have an iPhone 3GS in great shape.. that would be over 4 years old) with a much better camera.

Quality Of Life

It’s pretty easy to get swept up in the routine of being online, or traveling to another place where I can be.. yes.. you guessed it.. back online. Not good. Some of the quality of life thing, to me, means having more variety, and being able to slow down.

  • Take the Ferry to work at least once a week. Indeed, I am writing this on that!
  • Read a book per month
  • Watch a movie per week
  • Go out to a movie per month
  • Lots of walks, both City and Nature


It feels like forever since I’ve been able to have so much as a weekend trip where I can simply relax. I will do that every other month, starting in February.

I actually have enough frequent flyer miles for a round trip in the US. Hmmm…

And, of course, I have my social/creative trip idea: I would love to drive cross country, and meet up with a different friend for dinner each night.  It would take me to all sorts of spots off the beaten path, and would be a cool touchstone each day — to meet folks I’ve only known online, and to visit with some people I haven’t seen in a while.  I’d love it!


The definite thing this year is that I want to get a 1 or 2 bedroom place, and get most of my stuff out of storage. I have a great small guest cottage situation right now, but I can’t do it forever – I do need more space, want to have a spot to have people over, and miss some things that have been tucked away in storage for a year. I am aiming for moving to a new place on June 1st.

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A Very Sound City

It’s Not Just Tech…

So many hit records came out of a dumpy studio which happened to have stellar acoustics, and 1 of 4 Neve analog mixing consoles in the world…

“Yes you can do this on your own, but you’ll be a much happier human being, to do it with other human beings, and I can guarantee you that” — Mick Fleetwood

“You still have to have something to do with those tools” —  Trent Reznor

“Be true to yourself, and make music that you love.  Go out and play, turn people on to your music,  spread it yourself.  Don’t think it happens any other way” –Rick Rubin

Sound City & The Human Element

I love well done Documentaries.  Dave Grohl went way beyond mere facts, figures, and history to put together “Sound City”.  Much is said about the creative and human elements of putting together great music, and the interviews of folks such as Tom Petty, Rick Rubin, Stevie Nicks, Lee Ving, Neil Young, and Trent Reznor are spot on.

I very highly recommend Sound City.  It’s very much about the ethos of not trying to get computerized perfection, but to get into a Creative Space and Flow, and to produce art with others (and to embrace the little imperfections that occur anytime Humans play instruments 😉  Jack White had talked about the same themes in his interview with Conan O’Brien

All of this is not to say that tech and computers don’t have a place in Music Production.  They surely do!  But I agree with Dave’s view that they should not overwhelm the process.

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Create. (Jack White & Conan O’Brien)

It’s a New Year. Create!

So this is a post that’s very much a late New Years Resolution, and is pretty much me telling myself how I am going to get into the state of Hard Work on Creative Things (techy, coding, writing, music, or whatever).

What does it take to turn your creativity into real results? I would say that Jack White and Conan O’Brien have very real, proven insight. They did a great chit chat on the topic, covering a lot of ground about hard work, passion, keeping things simple, and Jack’s obsession with the number 3. Watch this when you have an hour and can Focus… (I know, that F word – don’t go getting all tl;dr on me)

Why this inspires me…

So, ok. Jack and Conan are obviously creative and successful, and I’m struggling to find the creative and tech groove where I can consistently do new work… (I am not talking about the context of employment, per se, I am talking about my drive to get traction on my personal projects).

I think three pillars of achieving some artistic success would be: Creativity, Passion, and Hard Work. Jack encapsulates by saying “I want to create something every day… I cannot wait to catch up to this idea I had 3 weeks ago”.

For me, it’s easy to be Creative.. at least with ideas. I can even be Passionate about wanting to get them implemented. But it doesn’t get me far, because I can suck at follow through. My block is not breaking problems down into small enough chunks (I am talking about playing guitar, or redoing my web site, or revamping my blog, or being consistent with real and virtual photography). When I think of a project as a whole, it’s too easy to get daunted by the size of the task, and to put it off. If I could get paid for hemming and hawing on scratching a creative itch, I’d be rich (or if I could get paid for overloading the mashed potatoes of my thoughts with tons of gravy cliches :)

So one takeaway from Jack’s chit chat would be: Simplicity. In my mind, that translates to “break things down into simple parts, and start working on them one by one”. It also can mean Iteration. I don’t have to tackle my whole web presence in a day, and I can get a creative update done in a series of simple steps….

Which leads me to.. I tend to get all the more Passionate about something when I sense little successes are within reach, and that leads me to Work Harder. It’s a sense of “knowing I am on the right track”. I think there’s the element of a Positive Feedback Loop – to let little achievements be that spark that drives me every day to keep at it.

I resolve to get up earlier and at least chip away at projects every day. My goal is to get into the groove that Conan calls ”hard hard freekin’ work” (but, make no mistake, work that is enjoyable!)

A tip of the hat to where I first saw this on Laughing Squid.

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Use Longer Passwords, Today

Short & Sweet, Too Easy To Beat …

So I was just led from a HuffPost bit to this article: “No password is safe from this new 25-GPU computer cluster” …

The title is a bit misleading, but the gist is that any 8 character password can be cracked in 5.5 hours with a cluster of 25 off the shelf AMD Radeon graphics cards.  The longer a password is, the longer it takes to crack.  More on that in “How long would it take to crack your password?

So you don’t think it’s a problem today?  How about those files that will be up in a cloud 10 years from now? :)  Yeah… what you store today, can be cracked tomorrow, by an ever-increasing range of misguided mammals that have nothing but time and equipment.

Of course, you can always go back an reencrypt things later…  or change all of your passwords, later… sure, you’ll remember..  Wait, let me go make some popcorn, this’ll be fun to watch 😉  Got them all?  Sure!?  Hee hee..

Just start using longer passwords now.  Think of little phrases or sentences.  Think of “future proofing” your passwords a bit, at least for a good 10 years or so.

Wait?  Graphics Cards?

Yep, Graphics Cards.  GPUs.  For certain operations (cranking through a massive set of computations), the use of OpenCL on a GPU is much faster than a CPU.   You can Deep Dive on OpenCL, and quickly realize “oh oh, CPUs are nothing compared to some specific areas where a few graphics cards can effectively be something we would have called a Supercomputer just 10-15 years ago”

But wait, who has a 25-GPU cluster sitting around?  In 10 years, everyone, in one card.

No, I dont think I am kidding.  Check out “CPU And GPU Trends Over Time“.  I did check out the actual data files for the graphs, and the key one was for GPUFlops:

  • 2003 – NVidia FX5900: 25
  • 2007 – NVidia 8800 GTX: 518
  • 2010 – NVidia GTX 580: 1581

…and I know for a fact that the NVidia GTX 690 (2012) is way faster…

So What To Do?

Yeah, I know.  Security is such a pain.  Use longer passwords, and don’t use the same password for everything.   There are many followup parts to this that I could write (two factor authentication, the whole USB key enchilada, the rise of biometrics and nanotechnology, etc).  For now I would just say “go longer, and if you run into web sites that limit passwords to 8 characters, yell at them”.

Oh, and a little Post Script:  when I was in College.. a lad in my 20’s using some old Vax 11/750 running BSD Unix, I had a really fun password.  It was ”        “.  Yes, 8 spaces!  I knew that only the first 8 characters entered mattered.  I merely held down the spacebar for a few seconds, hit return, et voila!  Logged in!  If I felt someone was watching me, I would type a few random characters at the end, and still be logged in.  Those were much simpler days.

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Beginning of the World

Happy Winter Solstice!

It’s a wonderful Winter Solstice Day!

Oh, and there are some rumblings that the World Ends Today because a Bunch of Mayans Said So …  Maybe I should get in One Last Post!

Sigh, whatever!  I thank the Mayans for being very right on about Chocolate.

How to treat Today?

Today is the Beginning of the World.

If you have been hung up on Numerology, or Astrology, or some other thing pointing to a Sign or some impending Doom & Gloom, then here’s a simple suggestion:  Cut that out!

Treat it as the beginning.  It’s a new start!  The world didn’t end.  You have the rest of your life to get going on all those projects you’ve been pondering.  Woo hoo!  So do it!  Obviously I need to include myself, and practice what I preach… well, I have been blogging.  It’s a good start.

But seriously, one way to look at today is to consider all of these past predictions involving calendars and numbers as “they were trying to make sense of things at that time, based on what they knew”.  It’s even possible that we’re making some silly predictions now that will be scoffed at in 100 years (but not Climate Change… I am afraid that one is very real).

So it’s the Beginning!  It’s a new start.  The World didn’t end.  Some people made a bunch of money on T-shirts and some disaster kits got sold.  Big Whoop.  Get out there and feel confident!  Do stuff and things!

Go out an^%$#~Enj–~Connectio^~rrors.oy the D^%M..Disconnected From Internet Error~~~..9^%

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Guest Post: Star Trek Barbie, by Sophia Smith

A Guest Today!

Today’s post is by my daughter, Sophia, a 19 year old Junior at UC Santa Cruz.  I’m happy to have this piece as a strong lead towards the more Creative & Social side of this blog!

Sophia is a double major in Modern Literature and Spanish Language Studies, and you can find her writings at Sophia Words.  This piece, “Star Trek Barbie”, was first published in the Leviathan Jewish Journal – you can find it on Calameo (page 16).

I wont set this up too much, except to say that it’s two facets of her upbringing, and she  reflects well about Then and Now.   Sophia did have every Disney Heroine, and it is true that I was pretty reluctant about the whole Barbie Thing.  Sophia and I used to watch a lot of SciFi (Star Trek, Star Wars, etc.), and Star Trek Barbie was my way of getting an accomplished / smarty angle in.. a compromise of sorts.

I didn’t let her watch “Barney” either 😉

Star Trek Barbie

Sophia Smith

As an only child, I didn’t have siblings to play board games or sports with, so I amassed a pretty impressive collection of stuffed animals and dolls.  Although I had a variety of baby dolls, my dad refused to buy me Barbies. For my eighth birthday, he finally caved and got me my very own Star Trek Barbie. She was dressed as the Commander of The Voyager, had her own phaser gun, and even came with a subordinately dressed Ken doll.

My dad didn’t like the message that Barbies send to young girls. He considered them to be vain, vacuous, and placing emphasis on beauty and clothes over traits like intellect and determination. Dad didn’t want me to feel pressured or preoccupied by Barbie’s hyper-femininity, and so he kept it out of my toy chest.

I was well aware of why Barbie was withheld from me, but just like sugary cereal or a forbidden TV show, I craved what I couldn’t have, and always sought to play with Barbies when I went over to a friend’s house. I felt guilty for doing this, because I could hear my father’s voice in my head encouraging me to do something more mentally engaging.

With my dad’s influence, I learned how to skateboard, how to play guitar, how to code web pages, and how to think for myself. I wouldn’t trade these skills for the world, but the fact that I didn’t feel as secure in my girlhood as my female peers definitely caused some problems for me during elementary school. Even though he was well-intentioned, my Dad’s emphasis on stereotypically boyish activities like skating, music, and technology over “girly” activities like fashion and boy bands led me to bottle up a lot of internalized misogyny. Whenever I would see a girl with acrylic nails or fixing her makeup in public I would roll my eyes in frustration and reassure myself that “I’m not like other girls! I’m smart and practical and I don’t care about stupid girl stuff!”

Just as I was not encouraged to be excessively feminine from a young age, so too was I not exposed to my Jewish heritage or traditional Jewish activities like my father had participated in during his youth. I was raised by a Jewish father and a Christian mother. My mom has a large, close-knit family and because of this I was raised to celebrate Christmas and Easter with my maternal relatives. My father was raised in a Jewish household, but didn’t have much motivation to expose me to Judaism; I never went to temple, celebrated holidays, attended Hebrew School, or had a Bat Mitzvah. Whenever I asked my dad about taking a more active role in my Jewish education, I was usually told that I could “decide for myself” when I was older.

I lacked an exposure and a comfortability with femininity and Judaism throughout my teenage years. Whenever I met someone whom I perceived to be a more authoritative or confident figure in either arena, I felt slightly uncomfortable because I saw a fulfillment in them that I myself lacked; I felt less knowledgeable and self-assured in areas of femininity and Judaism. This uncomfortability bothered me enough to begin to address these previously overlooked aspects of my identity as I became a young adult. I have embarked on a journey of hashing out my identity on my own terms, as a woman and as a Jew.

In my youth I had convoluted my Dad’s lesson about the dangers of emulating Barbie; I became convinced that femininity and success were mutually exclusive. I had decided that femininity was inferior, so surely it would only hold me back. My mom was a feminist and taught me to believe in equality from a young age, but it wasn’t until I entered college that I realized that feminists don’t have to be anti-feminine. I could be as girly as I want to be and still care about pursuing education, being passionate about women’s rights, and remaining dedicated to my less-feminine hobbies like skateboarding.

Over the course of my college years I have come into my own space within femininity, but I am still struggling with what Judaism means to me. Reconnecting with my Jewishness has come in small, incremental steps. Spending time with Jewish friends and working for the Leviathan has given me a new perspective on a younger, fresher version of Judaism than my grandfather’s traditional faith. During childhood I thought of Judaism as a series of rituals performed in a strange language that I didn’t understand, but after meeting a variety of Jews in college who come from diverse backgrounds, I have come to see that Judaism is not as narrow a label as I once thought. While my Jewish identity is by no means conventional, I am confident that I can still find a place within this diversity.

I have discovered that I really enjoy nail polish and high heels. I feel that the things we enjoy are a foundational part of who we are. Even though my father might have equated girly behaviors with impracticality, for me they have become a source of empowerment because I have reclaimed femininity as an integral part of my feminist philosophy.  Just because some people might make this connection between femininity and impracticality doesn’t make femininity a universal waste of time. More generally, the labels that we reclaim for ourselves don’t have to fall under the same connotations given to them by our elders.

A huge part of reclaiming labels has been redefining them for myself, my identity, and my lifestyle. This has helped open a door for me to become my own person. Arianna Huffington, a founder of the Huffington Post, asserted in an article that “too often we outsource the definition of our success to others in ways that are self-destructive…But shouldn’t the major element of success be one’s own satisfaction and fulfillment?…And, even worse, [outside pressure] leads to people making wrong decisions, or, at least decisions that are wrong for them” (1). This rings true for my experiences thus far; I used to gauge my success based on others’ definitions of my identity as a woman and as a Jew. My entire life I have heard other people’s definitions of “woman,” or “Jew,” e.g. girls should be pretty, quiet, pleasant and accommodating, or Jews should be scholars of their faith, knowledgeable about Israeli politics, and vocal about their Jewish lineage and experiences. While hearing these narrow perspectives on identity can be interesting to hear on a sociological level, the choice of what a girl or Jew should be is ultimately up to every individual.

I like to paint my nails. I also like to skateboard. I like to talk with other Jews and learn about Jewish culture. I also like to eat bacon. These complexities to my identity don’t make me a “bad” woman or a “bad” Jew. They are simply a part of what being a Jewish woman means to me. Being successful as a woman or as a Jew means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. We all have different identities, and we negotiate the parameters of these labels in a unique and personal way.

Works Cited

1. Huffington, Arianna. Arianna Huffington: Success, Power, Ulcers, and the Need to Redefine Success. Empower Lounge. Web 17 Nov. 2012.

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