Branching Out (An Epiphany)

Let’s Have Some Range …

When I headed back into blogging territory recently, there were two aims.  One was to explore the methods used for SEO and Monetization (was doing a project about that for a friend).  I’m reasonably up to speed on that now.

The other aim is simple:  I like to write!

But I need some range.  I feel too confined to just do Tech all the time.  I don’t like telling myself to shelve some idea just because it’s more on my Creative side.

My Epiphany is simple: write about whatever the fuck I want.  Use good categories and lead-in links so that some readers only see my Tech stuff, or only Creative, and so on.  I’ll be damned if I am going to feel hemmed in on my own blog.

But What About The Pros?

A couple of hours after my little moment of Clarity (but had not mentioned it to anyone), a good friend wrote me to nudge me in the same direction.  It was as if she were reading my mind!  Her quote was “I love love LOVE seeing the multi-facetness of people”.

And, of course, she’s Right On.  I have a hell of lot more range than just talking about JavaScript and Hackintoshes 😉

The Exalted Blogging Pros would probably say “stick to one topic” or “start another blog”.  My friend and I call BS.  I don’t have 1000’s of readers and am not aiming to make a living at this.  I had thought about starting a second blog, but I’d rather have “some” readers all in one place, instead of a “few” in two.  Maybe they’ll get into a Gang Fight, a la Sharks vs Jets, over in some Comments Section.  I’d fucking make popcorn to watch that.

A constant for me (at least with Computers and Photography) is to learn the rules, and then know which ones to break and when (sometimes you might return from a function in multiple places, and you don’t always  have to shoot a photo “full frame”).  This is another case of that, so I say “To Hell With Conventional Blogging Wisdom!”  (laughing to myself, because there is a perceptible feeling of casting off some writing handcuffs)

So, what happens now?

Oh, I lose a couple of folks perhaps – perhaps they are firmly rooted in some Blogging Conventional Wisdom, or they don’t like me swearing.  Oh Well 🙂  I’d rather pick up some new readers that are happy to follow any or all of the range of things I choose to write about.  That feels more Real to me.

I do need to work on my main web page, to make a couple of obvious lead-ins for Creative and Technical.  Hold me to it!

I also want to have some Guest Posts.  I have a pleasant surprise in store on that front!

The other thing to say is:  Yes, of course I will still do Tech Posts.  I’ve been paying attention to it almost every day since 1977, and am very much a generalist and still into it.  I just dont want to pigeonhole myself as only writing Tech.

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