Happy New Year!  Ohhhh… a resolution post.



Real Quick Recap

I suppose I could feel embarrassed about not doing more of my 2014 resolutions.  I did a few things well: took the ferry once a week, kept creating virtual photography, learned a lot of programming stuff, kept refining what I want to do in WebGL (and how my idea for ThereThen addresses fits into it) and kept up with my guitar.  There were some big things (move to a bigger space I can use as a studio, and travel) I didn’t do.  Moment of shame.

Work @ Stitcher.com was fun, rewarding, etc… up to the point where they were bought by Deezer.com.   The contractors were left out, and it looks like 1/3rd of the staff quit.  I now have a contract where I am helping someone bring their web site to life, and I work at home. so I am happy.

2014 was better than 2013.

I Resolve …

Heh, I resolve to do what I said last year.  Am I done now?

Nah, doesn’t work that way.  I’ll skim over highlights here, and may do more in-depth posts on stuff such as the web, creative digital, and some social/everyday.  One thing I want to tackle is how to post about a wide range of things that interest me, but not do it in 5 different blogs.  Am pondering some sort of subdomain -> category thing.

Web Stuff / Work

I want to keep learning client side stuff (such as Angular.js, Three.js, GLAM, WebGL) and new tech (the MEAN stack, for one).  I have my personal projects (ThereThen addresses, and a 3D slide space) that I will say more about later this month.

Work is fine.  I get a bunch of inquiries and am thankful for that.  Am going to keep learning, always.  I do want to evolve into more of a Creative Technologist (I mentioned that a few days back – I want to more than just code.)

Digitally Creative

In general, I want to be more conversant than the iMovie, GarageBand level of things, but I am not saying I want to be some all-knowing Maya/Abelton/FCP expert.

Photography – I can say I’m happy with how I have progressed with virtual photography.  As my alter ego, Bucky Barkley, I post my experiments and sesssions on Flickr.  I still have not done much post-production, and get some good natured chiding about that.  On the other hand, I can snap my way out of a paper bag, and don’t have to use PhotoShop as a crutch!

I am starting to learn some PhotoShop though.

Photography (raw), and a few words...

raw snap, Dec 2014


Video – I do want to know my way around Adobe Premiere.  I would say Final Cut Pro, but I already have an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.

3D Environments – I have Blender and Maya, and am looking to learn much of the modeling part.  I want to know the pipeline that feeds into WebGL.  It is not a big stretch for me.  After all, I was on the projects for AutoCAD R12 and R13 @ Autodesk 🙂

Music – I’ve already started learning Ableton Live, and love it.  Some of the interest stems from listening to all sorts of electronica.  I would love to know what went into a piece such as “Enveloped”, by Max Cooper.  I heard of Max Cooper via a live DeadMau5 set.  I’d say that I find inspiration in Joel’s wide-ranging techical geekery.

I do have Touchable 3 for my iPad, which turns it into a great controller for Ableton.



If I had to tie together a theme for the year, it would be “start evolving technically and creatively, put out some tangible code and creative digital stuff, and meet a lot of new people in the process”.

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