I’m Back / Year End

Almost bye to 2014!

Some quick stuff…

I look back at my resolutions, and I did some of them.  I kinda feel sheepish that I didn’t do others (I didn’t move, and I didn’t keep up with my blog or other creative posts, and I didn’t do the social stuff I wanted)

It was a decent year, work-wise.  Stitcher.com was great, up till about October.  The company was sold, and the contractors were forever told “wait for the dust to settle”.  It turned out to be a lot of dust, and I am doing something different now.

The whole idea of being tracked all over the web (Facebook, Google) has really been turning me off.  I have not decided what I will do about Facebook, but I have switched my search engine to DuckDuckGo.com

I do finally have an idea of what I want to work towards, and it’s a bit of of Creative Technologist.  I want to orient my programming / dev stuff more towards WebGL, and I also want to become very conversant with more of the digital creative folks (PhotoShop, Maya/Blender, Premiere, Ableton).  It doesn’t mean I can be an expert at them, but it I do want to be able to explore creatively, and be able to have the high level sense of how it all fits together.

More to say soon – shaking off my writing rust.

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