Why I Am Adding Social Login For Comments

Some Social Login History

As you may know, I just posted “Social Syncing Sucks Away Your Privacy“. I zeroed in on two aspects:

When I put those together, it gives me a moment of pause, and makes me think “I always want the option to use an email or username signup”. I want that option to “try before they pry”.

And I stand by that … yeah, I do. Really … but read on …

Adding Social Login For Comments

I am adding Social Signon for comments on this blog.  Blasphemy! Harumph! Objection!

See, the keyword there is “adding”. I have very good reasons for doing so:

  • I want to encourage comments on this blog
  • Someone may not want to give an email address for the 123rd time today, just so they can comment. They just want to use their Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Google+, or some other id, and get on with it
  • I get an idea of which services are most used by my commenters, and that gives me a warm fuzzy feeling of being that much more in touch with them

I would like to be using the “LoginRadius plugin for Social Login and Social Sharing“. They appear to be pretty well thought of.  It’s not working yet, though, so I am going to punt for the moment and use the JetPack Comments Module (I don’t like this as much.  Would be better to have CommentLuv + More Social Signon options).

You can always do the comment thing with an email address. That’s not going away.

Social Login: Give Your Data To Me!

“But Wait!”, you say! Didn’t I just do this whole spiel about being mindful of privacy?

Oh, totally, dude… Fer sure I did. And I still mean it. You should pay attention to this stuff. The key thing to bear in mind for any service is “which data are they asking for?” Mere commenting does not need much data (we’re not trying to do a photo album service that blends the timelines for you and your friends, along with birthdays, GPS coordinates, and relationship status and hourly mood). I just want to know you are actually logged in somewhere.

Changing This Soon

As mentioned above, the LoginRadius option isn’t working yet.  It’s better to get this post out there, and have 70% of what I want, and the circle back and figure out how to get a more well featured option going.  I did post a question about this at wordpress.org.  Let’s hope it’s something cinchy!

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