Coming Soon: Wishlist for Desktop Hackintosh Build

Say What?  Desktop Hackintosh?

I want to get a better handle on how Amazon Affiliates works. Since I have a strong desire to put together a decent desktop machine, it gives me a chance to point to all of the components on Amazon.

Maybe that article will have tons of hits and people will buy everything on the list and the referral fees will go crazy (deep breath) and… (wake up Daniel! It’s just a dream)

I just want to get a flow going on how to point to multiple items on Amazon.  Perfect to meld it with a pet project I want to do.

So What’s A Hackintosh?

A Hackintosh is an Intel-based machine booting up as a Mac.

Apple makes Macs. Macs run on Intel-based hardware; the same as Windows machines. With a bit of help, Mac OS X, 10.8.2 can run on a wide range of hardware.  In most cases, it can do so faster, for much less than the cost of an iMac or Mac Pro.

As I’ve written recently, I converted my HP 4530s to dual-boot Mac and Windows 7.  I love it. The two part blog series on that is at:

The Story of My Hackintosh Laptop – Part 1 (The Mac side of it)
The Story of My Hackintosh Laptop – Part 2 (adding Windows 7 back to it)

As I said, I love how the laptop came out, but I don’t mistake it for a full-on desktop development machine.  I need speed, memory, and graphics capabilities that I can’t get from my laptop (multiple virtual machines for Dev and Testing, graphics for WebGL, Unity, Machinima, Virtual Photography, Video Editing).  A Hackintosh can be  a very capable Windows 7 box, along with being a Mac Pro Class performer.

What About Amazon Affiliates?

Referral Fees, Baby! I’ll show you some cool stuff, and you might think: “say, little Scooter over there in Kansas City sure could use a honkin Intel Core i7 for Christmas!”. You click it and buy. You’re happy.  I’m happy. Scooter’s only 2, so he’s wailing. We’ll work on this story a bit.

Anyhoooo … one task of mine is to figure out which WordPress plugin works well with Amazon Affiliates.  There are so many …

When Will This Article Come Out?

Really Soon!  I don’t have the funds on hand to actually build the desktop, BUT… I can lay a good foundation, and point to some great resources.  That can get others going (and they’ll send me photos, taunting me with tasty hackintosh snacks, just out of reach).   It also gives me a handy checkpoint down the road, where I can say “ok, now I would use this other graphics card, or this other disk drive, etc”.

More Soon!

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